Sclerotherapy Treatment - Spider Vein Treatment in Northern Virginia & Fairfax


Sclerotherapy is a simple noninvasive treatment that is most commonly used to treat spider veins, but can be used to eliminate smaller varicose veins as well. During the sclerotherapy procedure, the physician uses a small needle to inject a medication into the lining of a vein. The vein then closes and is reabsorbed over a short period of time. The blood from the closed vein reroutes to normal working veins.

Sclerotherapy is helpful for treating spider veins and smaller varicose veins when they first appear, before they become further complicated and unsightly. Some patients may require several treatment sessions, depending upon the complexity of the vein protrusion, and the number of vein regions requiring treatment.

Advantages of Sclerotherapy

  • Quickly treats visible spider veins
  • Many veins can be treated at one time
  • No downtime

Sclerotherapy Recovery and Aftercare

Patients may resume their normal activities after sclerotherapy treatment. However, flying should be avoided for three weeks, and hot tubs, long hot baths, and saunas should be avoided for one week after sclerotherapy. Light exercise, such as walking, will help speed the healing process. Some mild bruising may occur, but should disappear within two weeks. Patients will receive detailed post- procedure instructions. A follow-up visit is scheduled for two weeks after sclerotherapy treatment.

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