Treatment for Vein Conditions – Spider Veins, Varicose Veins

More than 25 percent of the adult population will suffer from problematic vein conditions at some point in their lives. These conditions can range from unappealing spider veins, to painful varicose veins, that can cause more serious health problems.

Spider veins are the small red or blue veins that form in the skin of the legs in many people, especially in women. While spider veins can be unsightly and may cause tingling, itching, or burning, they are rarely a serious health problem and can be easily taken care of with a simple injection technique, called sclerotherapy, to improve the appearance of the affected areas.

Varicose veins are larger, blue bulging veins that are usually a sign of one of the most common vein disorders, called venous insufficiency. Symptoms may include aching pain that worsens after prolonged sitting or standing, restless legs, heaviness, and swelling. In severe cases, this can lead to darkening of the skin or even skin breakdown, called a venous ulcer. Fortunately, even these more serious problems can now be easily treated by closing down the affected veins with a specialized laser technology, called laser ablation or ELVS.

At the Fairfax Vein Center, our board-certified physicians and experienced vein specialists offer safe and effective, minimally invasive vein treatment options for all of these conditions.

Common vein conditions include: